Photo Essay- TRNWR Bird Festival 2017

Taken place on Saturday, May 20th was the annual Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge bird festival of 2017. This big event brings together all sorts of lovers of wildlife- from professional biologists to new and curious friends, families and young children. I took many photos of the course of the life of the festival in hopes of capturing the essence of the refuge community, all passionate and hard-working people. The refuge is like a second home to me; I have volunteered there for two years and hope to one day work there and become involved in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service or the Audubon society as a career. Everyone there is always kind, happy, and willing to learn something new every day and get others interested and involved to help them find their passions.
I wanted this series of photos to show viewers the beauty and fun of this community as well as how vast and varied wildlife can be and how many opportunities you can gain from it.

2017 Bird Festival (Photo Essay photos not final)